La Liga tournament: summing up to date

The season has entered its most intense stage, when teams begin to show their best results. By the middle of the season, many teams have already shown their strengths and weaknesses, but some intrigues and surprises continue to keep fans in suspense. In this article we will summarize the interim results of the season and look at the main points that have happened in the championship at the moment.

Real continues to lead the championship

From the very beginning of the season, Real Madrid topped the standings, and at the moment, Carlo Ancelotti’s team continues to confidently lead, just 2 points ahead of nearest side, Barcelona. Real shows a stable game, which allows the team to confidently win matches and maintain the lead.

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Notable teams

Real Sociedad, which received the Champions League place at the end of last season, has a good chance of breaking into the top 4 at the end of the current championship. It would be a reasonable bet, read about the best sports betting sites and pick an option with high odds. It is enough to note that a year earlier they not only got into the top four, but also did it with a large margin, beating their closest pursuer by seven points.

Of course, Girona also has every chance to compete for the coveted four, which consistently finishes in the top third of the standings, periodically climbing into the top 4. It is worth noting that last season, the team experienced an absolutely different situation, when they tried to escape relegation.

Athletic is another team from which a good performance is always expected, but the team from Bilbao performs especially productively in national cup tournaments, where they have repeatedly reached the decisive matches of the Spanish Cup and Super Cup in recent years. At the same time, the “red-whites” traditionally have a hard time at a distance.

Everything is stable in the relegation zone

There were practically no changes at the bottom of the standings. Teams that are in the relegation zone continue to fight for their survival, but many of them have already lost hope of salvation. Granada and Almeria continue to have serious problems and if they do not improve their results, they could end up in the Segunda Division.

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Intrigues and surprises in the middle of the season

One of the main surprises of the season was the unexpected leadership of Rayo after the 15th round. Francisco’s team beat main competitors and took a place among the average sides. However, after this, Rayo began to lose points, and now the team is in 12th place, 5 points behind Betis.

Thus, the season in the Spanish La Liga continues, and there are still a lot of interesting things ahead.

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